Stockholm • 17-19 September • Teater Reflex

in collaboration with KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory


Seminars, lectures & activist forum on political movements, urbanization and ecology

Organized by Henrik Ernstson and Erik Swyngedouw

Rupturing the Anthro-Obscene:
The Political Promises of Planetary Urban Ecologies

This meeting is about democratic practices and political movements in the age of urbanisation and ecological crises. What are the political promises that we can and must articulate to again build societies on the notion of equality? What new socio-ecological organisational forms exist that can challenge current status quo? What new terrains of the political is being invented and connected - from climate change, food security and ‘de-growth’ movements, to struggles of non-authorised immigrants, anti-austerity and insurgent citizenship - and that re-thinks equality and freedom in socio-ecological terms? We have invited key international scholars in political philosophy, urban studies, and urban political ecology to discuss and debate new imaginaries of emancipatory change, including: Edgar Pieterse, Jodi Dean, Roger Keil, Andy Merrifield, Maria Kaika, Jason Moore, Malini Ranganathan, Nik Heynen, Neil Brenner, Marco Armiero, Garth Myers, Richard Walker and the organisers Erik Swyngedouw and Henrik Ernstson (two more to confirm). These thinkers will ground our discussions in the very varied experiences of urbanisation and struggle from the Global South to the Global North, from Athens, London and Stockholm, to Cape Town, Dar el Salaam, Hong Kong and Jakarta. Ideas from political theory, from Rancière and Fanon to Haraway and Butler and several others, will meet the realities of our urban world for sobering, yet speculative analysis. The meeting includes open seminars, an evening debate, and an open forum for activist, organisers and artists. RSVP and sign up as Volunteer. Read more under FRAMING/TASK. Welcome!

Stockholm, 17-19 September 2015 [Twitter hashtag is #AnthroObscene]

Address: Kärrtorpsplan 14, Kärrtorp, Stockholm
Subway (t-bana): Kärrtorp

Camp at Teater Reflex

The KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory will set up camp for three days at Teater Reflex in Kärrtorp in Stockholm. The objective is to use the location of the periphery as the centre of our world and push our invited guests to articulate and discuss how to think and act politically in our time, a time marked by disruptive ecologies, planetary urbanisation, and new forms of political mobilisation. Why so much doom and gloom? Why being defensive? What are the promises of political organisation under the idea of equality in our time?

The event is organised by Henrik Ernstson (KTH and University of Cape Town) and Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester) in collaboration with director Kent Ekberg and producer Kajsa Nordin at Teater Reflex and the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory. There will be two days of open seminars at the theatre (17-18 Sept, in English), one evening of public debate and lecture (17 Sept, mainly in English), and a forum mainly in Swedish for organisers, activists, artists and cultural workers and other doers (Saturday 19 Sept; English speakers also welcome). Please RSVP for the events. And please sign up as volunteer to help out. Journalists, please contact Kajsa Nordin at Teater Reflex (+46 70-461 09 40, or Henrik Ernstson at KTH (

International speaker list includes:

  • Edgar Pieterse (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Jodi Dean (Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA)
  • Roger Keil (York University, Canada)
  • Andy Merrifield (independent thinker, UK)
  • Maria Kaika (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Jason Moore (Binghamton University, USA)
  • Malini Ranganathan (American University, USA)
  • Nik Heynen (University of Georgia, USA)
  • Neil Brenner (Harvard University, USA)
  • Marco Armiero (KTH, Sweden)
  • Garth Myers (Trinity College, USA)
  • Richard Walker (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

and organizers Henrik Ernstson (KTH and University of Cape Town) and Erik Swyngedouw (University of Manchester, UK).

Kajsa Nordin at Teater Reflex (+46 70-461 09 40,
or Henrik Ernstson at KTH (+46 70-044 82 04,